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Patient Case Study

The first symptoms I experienced were hot flushes. These were easy enough to cope with during the day but at night they became severe. I was awakening exhausted and not rested.

For six months I endured these, thinking as most women probably do that the hot flushes would subside. Not to be! Next I began to experience light headedness at times and pains in my uterus area. It was time to see the GP, who confirmed that I was experiencing menopause symptoms and prescribed taking Synthetic HRT.

My philosophy is that life is short so why not make the most of it. Synthetic HRT was the means for me to alleviate the symptoms and get back to giving 100% to my professional and personal life.

I was on synthetic HRT for over five years. Throughout that time there was little awareness of the dangers associated with this form of HRT. As more information came to light through the media, I was alarmed at the side effects reported with a higher risk of breast cancers and strokes.

Following my own research and the GP's advice, I began to slowly reduce my dose of synthetic HRT to eventually stop. Though it was a gradual process over a three month period, it wasn’t an effective one!

The menopause symptoms began to encroach once again on my life. I experienced migraines, weight gain and also felt slightly depressed. Throughout this time I was not feeling focused and there was certainly a lack of oomph! I tried herbal remedies and off-the-shelf products from pharmacies. I was seeking a more natural alternative to deal with the symptoms. These however did not improve the symptoms.

Menopause doesn’t just affect you but your family as well. My partner in his eagerness to see me return to my old self, told me about a radio advertisement he heard about a natural form of HRT which was a medically prescribed and tailored for each woman. I checked out the New Zealand Menopause Institute’s website for more information on the difference between the Synthetic HRT and Natural HRT, and between Natural HRT and herbal remedies.

From there I had an extensive consultation with their practising nurse. All the symptoms were explained and how Natural HRT has molecules that are biologically- identical to the hormones in my body. Levels of Natural HRT were prescribed specifically for the symptoms I was experiencing.

Fitness and a good diet, which complement Natural HRT, was also a focus of the consultation. Already adhered to! But it was good to know women were being informed about how these factors play an important part in keeping menopause symptoms at bay.

I began taking the natural HRT in an easy lozenge form in the smallest dose. Within three weeks I felt incredibly better and now happy to report the symptoms are gone and the dose hasn’t had to be altered even though it can be customised as required for each woman.



We are a medical clinic that treat women for menopause symptoms using Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT).

The clinic benefits from the expertise of 2 Registered Nurses experienced in managing menopause symptoms and a Doctor who has overseen the care of all patients since the New Zealand Menopause Institute first opened.

Appointments are Monday to Friday and are with our Doctor and a  Registered Nurse.

For patients living in Auckland, the consultation is at our clinic in Parnell.

For patients out of Auckland, the initial consultation is at our Auckland Clinic, but ongoing follow up can be done over the phone.

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