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How do I Know if I'm Menopausal?

Check your current medical condition against common factors affecting Menopause:

  • Are you over 40?
  • Have your periods ceased or become irregular?
  • Have you had your ovaries removed?
  • Do you suffer from hot flushes during the day or at night?
  • Do you suffer night sweats?
  • Do you cry for no particular reason?
  • Have you become moody / temperamental?
  • Are you feeling more depressed, isolated, or withdrawn?
  • Are you experiencing more headaches than usual?
  • Do you have reduced sex drive or pain with intercourse?
  • Do you have difficulty remembering or retaining information?
  • Are you experiencing more body aches in general?

If you have answered YES to 5 or more of the questions then complete the form to the left to enquire about an appointment to relieve your menopause symptoms.

If you have answered YES between 2 and 4 times, you may want to receive more information about menopause, contact our Call Centre on 0800 Menopause to ask for a complimentary brochure to be posted to you.